USS Sulu

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USS Sulu
Registry: NCC-99729
Class: Galaxy Refit Class
Status: Undergoing Refit
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The USS Sulu (NCC-99729) is a Galaxy Refit Class starship commanded by Captain Richard Sade. The ship was named after famed Starfleet Captains Hikaru and Demora Sulu.It started it's life out as a normal galaxy class starship.During the escalating borg conflict sulu and it's sister ship the Chekov were rapidly refit with a multitude of weaponry and new systems.Older non combat systems were hastily removed and in some cases just simply cut out of the ships superstructure. Gone were most of the crew quarters and luxuries that had come to define the galaxy class since its first launch.In a moment of what could only be described as pure lunacy both ships were fitted with another third warp nacel as a redundant measure.

The Sulu was finished with her refit from a conventional Galaxy Class in 2483 and launched in 2484 once enough trellinium had been created to power up her warp core. The ship fought in quite a few conflicts during the war.Her lack of a cohesive refit plan lead to many troubles over her career including multiple systems failures and even several warp core breeches which were luckily ejected in time.The galaxy refit class is under powered over gunned and together with a serious lack of forethought to its design makes the ship a difficult one to operate.

Sulu was once ordered to locate the USS Enterprise-F after contact with it was lost while it was at Vulcan (DS1: "The Vulcan Connection")

USS Sulu was appropriated by Bryan Cash as part of the Renegade Armada in 2406; thanks to the efforts of Scotty and Alex Chadwick she is recorded in the Starfleet Databanks as being under refit at Deep Space One.

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