USS Paisley

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USS Paisley
Affiliation: Starfleet
Registry: NCC-74220
Class: Defiant Class
CO: Susan Bennet
Status: Decommissioned
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The USS Paisley NCC-74220 was a Defiant-class vessel launched in 2395 under the command of Susan Bennet, named for the Scottish city of the same name in Renfrewshire. Due to this affiliation, crewmembers were often informally referred to as "Buddies" - a term favoured by the city's residents as a mark of distinction from Glaswegians.

The Paisley served in many of the major conflicts during the Borg War including the climactic Battle of Sol where it was a group leader in Strike Force Alpha. The Paisley was forced to eject its warp core on the final day of battle, but continued to fight for another fourteen hours eventualy making it to the end of combat. The extreme damage sustained by the vessel however, meant that it was scrapped in 2399. Post-service, the vessel and its crew were awarded a Presidential Citation.

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